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People in Melbourne partying in every occasion. In fact, this world-famous city is full of enthusiasm and vigor and enjoying every occasion to the fullest. Citizens desire their celebrations and parties to be ever-memorable for the guests, so they don’t take any aspect casually. Behind every wedding party, great event, private party, and anything of that kind in Melbourne you will the contribution of Party Rent Furniture Hire. Every party or celebration has its own physical appearance and we make it distinctive. People prefer us because we understand their requirements even those requirements which are not uttered.

We are Melbourne’s premier source for any kinds of furniture like event furniture, tent furniture, wedding, furniture hire Melbourne. We are recognized for the quality of furniture and party accessories, top-notch service, timeliness, reliability, affordability, and capability. These are the foundations on which we never compromise, that is why right from the event planners to wedding planners throughout Melbourne trust us so much.

We make your party the best one ever

Party Tent Furniture Hire Melbourne has been the trusted party supply and rental company in Melbourne. Our sole motto is to help you throw elegant, extravagant parties that would be ever-cherishing for you as well as your guests in the party. We are a professional group with years of experience in supplying party furniture and interior decoration as per our client’s needs.Experts associated with Party Rent Hire Melbourne are just passionate about their job and take every type of party planning very seriously.

Arranging a party, especially when it is expected that a large number of guests will attend the party, brings much pressure and stress to the host. Our planners and arrangers, through their experience and supply of quality furniture and articles as per the requirement, ease the whole affair. We are always there as a strong support to our clients to plan a successful party and accomplish the event in the best possible way. We ensure that everything happens as per the schedule, the quality furniture and equipment are supplied, and set up is just ready in a timely manner. We help you to stay relaxed so that you can concentrate on other important aspects of the event.

Based in North Melbourne, Victoria, Party Tent Furniture Hire Melbourne has been extending their service throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas. For event furniture hire Melbourne based citizens trust us because we can provide all kinds of furniture that require completing any kinds of events successfully.

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Features of Party Tent Furniture Hire Melbourne

As stated earlier, our sole motto is to provide you with a smooth-sailing party arrangement, no matter where you reside in Melbourne and what space is available for arranging the party. We are expert in arranging any types of parties, in house or outdoor. Here are some mention-worthy features of Party Tent Hire Melbourne that you would love to know:

  • We provide all types of party furniture, equipment, and accessories. You will get all specifications of products; what is necessary to through a birthday bash is not suitable for a wedding party or new year celebration. We are experts in this matter and we will supply the products as per your need, event, and budget.
  • We plan much ahead of the event date; our specialists will contact you several times before the event and take note of every single aspect. They will work on the arrangement and inform you how the plan will be materialized. They will take your decision and value your wishes to the point and will materialize the plan accordingly.
  • We work in perfect unison with other experts like event planners, wedding planners, and caterers whom you will hire for other important services. We will arrange furniture and accessories as they require to accomplish their jobs as per their plan. In this matter, smooth coordination is the top most priority. Time and quantity of products are both important. We value your desires as also the requirements of other service providers.
  • Space you can provide matters a lot in arranging an event. Even if the space is not sufficient, we can arrange a grand party with best of the best adorable, lavish, and gorgeous furniture and accessories for hundreds of guests.
  • We can arrange high-end parties where you are expecting celebrities, business personalities, and political personalities to come. We are proficient in high-end parties of every type.
  • Our team can establish a marquee or large tent for any location in any part of Melbourne. We can set up a marquee appropriately to endure all conceivable weather conditions without any issue. Even if any stormy weather comes up suddenly nobody will feel that adversity inside. We can erect party tents with cool shade and proper ventilation so that your guests never feel scorching hot weather outside when the party is going at afternoon.
  • We not only erect marquees, we also arrange for necessary permission for the same from the appropriate authority.

There are many other details to be taken care of for all types of parties including corporate party, wedding, birthday, and event celebrations. That is why, for an event furniture hire Melbourne based people depend on us so much.

Products We Supply To A Make A Perfect Party

A party is not just welcoming the guests, make them a part of the party, or serving them some delicious dishes. A party becomes successful when you can provide optimum comfort to your guests and that takes place right from the beginning when they step into the party area till they leave the party. For party furniture, accessories, and tent hire Melbourne our products and service have been quite distinctive in many aspects. We take care of quality as well as your budget. So, you can borrow as per your requirement. Here are some products we provide to make a party perfectly enjoyable:

  • Marquees: It is the most important aspect of any party, particularly when it’s going outside. There are different types of marquees available with us which we can erect according to our clients’ requirements. Events vary as per the party theme and number of attendees. We have a huge stock of different sizes of marquees and specializing in modern peak shapes with multiple layouts, clearspan structures of different sizes, pagoda marqu, etc.
  • Artificial floors: When the party is taking place outdoor, the artificial floor is very much important. Depending on the party theme, we can supply different types of artificial floors like the following ones: plastic flooring, rubber flooring, timber flooring, synthetic grass, dance flooring, and so on. In each of these types of flooring, varieties of subcategories can also be chosen.
  • Cooking and catering equipment: Here again all types of cooking and serving equipment like propane, smoker, griller, rotisserie, charcoal, and microwave are available with us. We can also supply fridge of different shapes like bar fridge and drink fridge, cool rooms, BBQ hotplate, chafing dish, coffee maker and percolator, Dim sim steamer, double burner gas, urn, and all useful items in this category.
  • Party and event furniture: We have a huge stock of party and furniture. For a birthday, special celebration, or wedding furniture hire Melbourne and surrounding areas Party Tent Furniture Hire Melbourne have enough stock of verities tables, chairs luxurious sofas, service trolley, tea tray, wine cooler, display cabinet, wine bar, and several other furniture and furniture accessories. We can provide top class wedding chair for the bride groom like double love chair, single love chair, medallion chair, and tub chair. We also provide table and chair covers with exclusive design and linen. We take special care of this furniture so that they always look new and gorgeous.
  • Cutlery, Crockery, glassware: All types of forks, spoons, and knives are available with us. The requirement of cutleries varies depending on the foods to be supplied to the party. Same is true for crockery and glassware. We can supply the most modern and very traditional types of articles on this matter depending on the theme of the party and our clients’ requirements.
  • Bar items: Main bar items like a gorgeous silver ice bucket, cocktail shaker, cocktail strainer, ice lip, drink tray, champagne fountain, etc. are available for hire in different designs.

Besides, several other articles important in parties and events are available with us that include safety equipment, lighting equipment, pool covers, umbrellas, canopies, stages, table accessories etc. As a whole, we make every effort to keep our clients satisfied with the quality of products, varieties of furniture and party accessories, and top class service.

All our contact information is available online. You can place the order online. As such, Party Tent Hire Melbourne provides prompt service with the help of a team of energetic and enthusiastic experts. Our exclusive range of furniture, accessories, and other equipment has been used by the clients to create attractive dining spaces, café areas, and bar areas. The exclusive range of all products and arrangement are aimed to charm your guests so that they can remember it even years later.

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